Cetatea Garbova


Gârbova name comes from Slavonic and Hungarian village is called Szászorbó, and German Urwegen. The village is located in the south-eastern county of Alba, at the foot of the Cindrel Mountains, 25 km from the city of Sebes. The settlement at Gârbova was established by Saxons called here by the Hungarian King Geza I (1141-1161) to defend the borders voivodship. The fortress was built in the village by the Wrbow Herbord Greava sas in the second part of the XIII century. The noble residence was fortified with a wall that delineate a circular enclosure and features a Romanesque dungeon. XV century fortress is sold, becoming community property. The dungeon was transformed into a Romanesque bell tower and have added a new site was fortified and built a two-storey gate tower, also called “bacon tower”. During advancing to Alba Iulia hosts Michael the Brave in 1599, after the victory at Selimbar, due to the fact that the population GARBOVEI opposed requisitions imposed by the state of war, was sent a detachment of soldiers, an opportunity fortification he suffered great losses. Only in 1625 inhabitants have recovered it and restored the church in the village center. Between 1657-1661 the settlement was devastated by the Turkish army. For the last time, the city was besieged and conquered GARBOVEI during Kuruc uprising in 1703.

510062, Garbova
Jud. Alba



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